antara kami

antara kami

Friday, February 25, 2011

Hey! Hey!

We're updating our blog, as dh berzaman blog ni trbiar (thnx 2 afifi yg pemalas). We'll be back in future, sbb ade conflict skit. Plus, ujian selaras yg just around the corner. Then, byk paperwork yg kne buat utk persatuan2. Currently, no one among us yg sgt byk masenye utk update blog nih. Blog ni masih baru (eventhough da lame wujud). We would like 2 thank a few people yang prnh follow blog ni, and thnx a lot for those yang view and bace our older post. Seriously, antara kami pn x pernah nk follow blog ni :D So, we'll see ya probably next month. Ktrg promise that we will be back with a lot of things 4 u guys :)

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